Meet the Team

Creator + Editor: Jane
Watching birds sit, Harry Potter, and that type of laughing when it hurts and you can’t breathe.
If I could interview anyone: Kanye West because he’s unintentionally hilarious. And Nina Las Vegas because how can one person be that amount of cool?
Say what? My favourite animals are sloths and my ultimate dream is to become a sloth volunteer in Costa Rica. Sloths 4eva.

Assistant Editor: Arianna
Loves: Watching crappy reality and drama shows, eating cheese and dancing in my pyjamas.
If I could interview anyone: 
Tim Gunn or Lisa Eldridge.
Say what? 
I hid a packet of smoked salmon under my mattress when I was little because I didn’t want anyone else to eat it. A week went by and I completely forgot about it. The salmon went off, my room smelt like funky fish and Mrs Lucente was not happy.

Contributor: Amelia
Loves: Sunshine, getting immersed in different cultures, and eating dessert.
If I could interview anyone: 
Disclosure or Yumi Stynes. 
Say what? 
I’m skilled at dividing food to share – if you ever need to split a pastry with someone, you know who to call.

Contributor: Cath
Loves: Blueberries, T2, beach holidays.
If I could interview anyone: Ellen DeGeneres
Say what? When I was a kid, my sister and I loved the Lion King so much that we would re-enact the grub eating scene. We would say “hakuna matata”, swallow whole a slice of peach without chewing, and lick our lips declaring “slimy, yet satisfying!”

Contributor: Huggett
Loves: Sports, a good beer on a summer’s day, and a top notch stand-up routine.
If I could interview anyone: Kobe Bryant to ask how he’s so motivated or Tim Minchin to try and extract some of his comic genius via osmosis.
Say what? I once broke my toe by running into a chair because I was a little too eager to get my chicken nuggets out of the oven.

Contributor: Imogen
Loves: Travel, watching Suits, my affectionate border collie called Jemima.
If I could interview anyone: Johnny Depp.
Say what? I managed to swallow a pebble when I was little and had to be rushed to hospital. Luckily it was small enough that digestion took care of it.

Contributor: Laura
Loves: Dad jokes, dancing with my cat, running in socks on carpet and collecting kicks.
If I could interview anyone: Bambi’s mum or Childish Gambino.
Say what? I own a hat drawer and have the unfortunate habit of lighting my hair on fire at casual events.

Contributor: Casey
Loves: Overly-expensive magazines, craft beers and rap beefs.
If I could interview anyone: Kanye West or James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (RIP to one of the greatest bands of all time). Both of them changed my life with their music.
Say what? I was once kicked out of a kebab shop in Berlin at 2am for being “too noisy”.

Contributor: Cat
Loves: Dogs, lollies, lomography and bro’ing down.
If I could interview anyone: Questlove; That man is a walking music encyclopaedia and I want to touch his hair.
Say what? When I go to camping festivals I like to collect pine combs and fill random tents with them.

Contributor: Nick
Loves: Video games, basketball and animals with human expressions.
If I could interview anyone: Pendleton Ward simply because of Adventure Time.
Say what?   I chickened out of introducing myself to Q-Tip at an after party when I was 19. I still regret it to this day.


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